IFLAC NUESTRA PRESIDENTA ADA, lnternacional de IFLAC fue propuesta para el nobel de la Paz en 2008.


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*ADA, la presidenta internacional de IFLAC fue propuesta para el nobel
de la Paz en 2008.*
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*"To: The Nobel Committee for Peace*

* Drammensveien 19
NO-0255 OSLO
Norway. *

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My name is Leo Semashko. I am a Doctor of Philosophy and a Sociologist from
Russia; as well as the Universal Peace Ambassador and State Councilor
for St. Petersburg; Director of Tetra Sociological Institute, and IFLAC
Russia; Founder and President of the International Website "A New
Culture of Peace from Social Harmony and Children’s Priority"
( <>), which

unites more than 150 authors from 28 countries, and is published in 12
languages: English, Esperanto, Russian, Spanish, French, Greek, German,
Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew.

In my name and on behalf of 150 authors of our site, I want to recommend
ADA AHARONI for the Nobel Peace Prize 2007. Ada Aharoni is a peace
researcher, a Professor of Conflict Resolution, and the Founder and
President of the “International Forum for the Literature and Culture of
Peace” (IFLAC) since 1999; Universal Peace Ambassador; and World Symbol
of Harmonious Peace Culture of our site. She is also an international
famous peace poet and writer, whose works have been highly acclaimed
worldwide, and translated into seventeen languages. She devoted her life
to the promotion of Peace on Earth, through bridges of culture among
people and nations.

Among her many impressive peace enterprises and projects, she is the
founder and President of “The Bridge: Jewish and Arab Women for Peace in
the Middle East,” since 1978, and has organized influential world
congresses and projects for the promotion of peace through women. One of
their very impressive achievements is the LLP organization: “Leave
Lebanon in Peace Campaign” of “The Four Mothers,” that succeeded after
great efforts of most of the mothers and women in Israel, to bring to
the retreat of their sons, the Israeli troops from Lebanon, in the year

“The Bridge” joined IFLAC in 1999, and is now the “Women for Peace” wing
of this prestigious organization. Ada Aharoni chaired and organized 5
powerful IFLAC congresses: in the Galilee in Israel - 1999, Sydney
Australia - 2001, London England - 2003, Bursa Turkey - 2004, and Los
Angeles US - 2005. IFLAC PAVE PEACE has now regional branches in 21
countries around the world, with a scope of more hundreds of people and
organizations, that receive and read its daily IFLAC Digest, and promote
the ideas of the necessity of an urgent and revolutionary “New Peace
Culture” in the Middle East and worldwide.

The birth of the International site "Peace from Harmony" in February
2005, is inspired by and obliged to Ada Aharoni. We are united by the
concept of harmony and by the concepts of "a new culture of peace" which
are offered by Ada Aharoni throughout her creative research, the writing
and publishing of her twenty five books (
<> ), and her founding and authoring of the
important daily Peace Culture “IFLAC Digest”, that is widely globally,
through the Internet.

The deep sense of Ada Aharoni’s philosophy of peace and her conceptual
framework is that they define a new kind of active and revolutionary
“Culture of Peace” which prevents and excludes wars and violence. This
distinguishes it from concepts of traditional peace, in which peace is
just a momentary absence of war, and does not prevent future wars. Such
conceptions are usually only a break between wars or the preparation for
them. Ada has created an active antithesis to such passive peace
conceptions, with her theory of an active and constant “Harmonious New
Peace Culture”; it is regarded as a perpetual “flowing river” of peace
values, concepts, education, and a peace media, that surpasses passive
traditional peace theories. Hers is a modern, active, cultural
interpretation of the old theses of universal peace of the 16th to the
20th centuries, as found in the works of Erasmus Rotterdam, William
Penn, Jean Jack Russo, Immanuel Kant, Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi,
Albert Einstein, and many other great thinkers.

Ada Aharoni is today an outstanding and active innovative follower of
this peaceful tradition of mankind. The prominent features of her
peacemaking are the possibility of a widely spread use of “Bridges of
Peace Culture” for the promotion of understanding among nations, through
global TV Peace Satellites, projecting: peace films, drama, poetry,
literature, art and communication, and the wide use of the Internet and
modern technology as well as a peace media to also spread the new peace
culture. She regards the urgent necessity of creating a new, harmonious
global peace culture, as the ultimate vehicle that can create a safe and
better world beyond wars and violence.

I am sure that Ada Aharoni is one of the most worthy candidates for the
Nobel Peace Prize 2007, and I highly recommend her.

For further information on the outstanding and most impressive peace
work by Ada Aharoni, you are invited to visit her peace sites at: <>
<> and


Leo Semashko"

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